Okanagan: Join Us For Our Track Day Event!

May 25,2022

High speeds are no longer reserved for the circuit crowd. Instead we're gifting our Skaha Ford family with a rare experience - allowing them to achieve full-throttle fun in Okanagan. Join us for our exclusive Track Day Event! On August 10th we will journey to Area 27, a luxury motorsports club in nearby Oliver, BC. There we - along with a few of our Skaha Ford customers - will take to the track, pushing ourselves (and our cars) to the limit. We'll conquer corners; we'll dominate straightaways; and we'll experience a rush of autocross adrenaline, with professional drivers helping us optimize each press of the pedal. This will be the ultimate rally event… and we want you to join us.  A few spots remain open on our Track Day roster, with Skaha Ford customers able to participate in this event. Your experience will include:   A meet-and-greet with Area 27 drivers. Access to the autocross track. Access to the Kartplex Centre. A luncheon. …. and more. Track Day promises thrills for all… and we can't wait to experience them with you. To learn more about this event (or to request a spot on our Area 27 team) contact us. Rev on, Okanagan.