BC: Our Track Day Event Begins Today!

May 25,2022

Hear that? It's the slap of wheels against the pavement, a roar of engines, a huff of exhaust. The Skaha Ford team is revving up our cars and heading toward Oliver, BC - and we can't wait to meet you there. Our Track Day Event is starting! All of the activities have been planned; each of the details has been finalized; and it's now time to reap the rewards, with our team ready to conquer the Area 27 circuit. We've been practicing our rally manoeuvres throughout the last few weeks, and we're gearing up for high-speed excitement.  We're also thrilled to spend time with our customers. To those who have reserved places on our Track Day roster: we thank you. It will be a pleasure to join you on the circuit (as well as to share a meal with you at the Area 27 facility). This will be the start of an annual tradition, and we're delighted that you'll be participating.  To request additional information about this promotion - including future events, early scheduling opportunities, and more - contact our team. We will gladly respond to any enquiries... after we return from the track.