Penticton: Check Out This 2012 Ford Escape Limited 4WD

May 25,2022

Conquer every terrain with help from the 2012 Escape Limited. This Ford SUV - which is currently available on our lot for $9,800 - delivers potent four-wheel performance, allowing drivers to achieve maximum traction (no matter how rough the road). Visit our dealership today and request a spin in the 2012 Escape. Anchored by a 3.0L IVCT Duratec V6, this platform delivers impressive power - generating 240 HP (at 6,550 RPM) and 223 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,300 RPM). A six-speed automatic transmission affords seamless control, while integrated traction technology optimises every rev. All-season tires assure nimble handling on any terrain, and power steering pairs with a dynamic braking system (front discs and rear drums) to provide drivers with precise responses.  The true value of the 2012 Limited, however, is its 4WD - which blends an independent suspension with dual stabilizer bars. This allows drivers to deftly manoeuvre through every trail, assuring optimal tire grippage with each twist and turn.  The 2012 Escape Limited proves a perfect option for those craving off-road adventures in Penticton. To learn more about this Ford SUV (or to schedule a test-drive at your earliest convenience) contact our team today.