Race More Than Cars in BC at Area 27 After Skaha Ford’s Track Day

May 25,2022

There's more than car racing to be had at Area 27 in BC. Once Skaha Ford's Track Day ends, those seeking the thrill of motorcycles can enjoy lessons that are tailored especially for two-wheeled fun. Riders of all skills can enrol in the 2-Day Motorcycle Academy, which covers lessons that involve both the track and classroom experiences. You'll get to learn tips and strategies that help bikers stay stable and gain speed while racing, including Ken Hill's signature “Order of the Sport” strategy. Take advantage of the instructor's insights on bike placement—where you should be and why—focus and vision, and motor control abilities. You will even get one-on-one feedback with a video to review so that you can fine-tune your skills and truly enjoy the thrills of driving on two wheels in BC. To learn more or join the Track Day event, contact Skaha Ford at [email protected]—but hurry; only limited spots are available!