Remote Start: The Ultimate Hands-Free Feature for Your Ford Electrified Vehicle in Ontario

Sep 7,2022

Remote start is a cool technology that gives you the freedom and flexibility to warm up your vehicle in Ontario from anywhere, whether from home or across town at the closest coffee shop. Starting your vehicle remotely via FordPass or compatible smart devices provides convenience by allowing you to get started on your commute faster than ever before. Remote start is part of FordPass, designed to keep drivers connected and in control of new electrified vehicles and other connected car technologies. With this feature, you can start your vehicle in Ontario from the comfort of your home or office when parked in an outdoor charging spot. The feature eliminates the need to plug in your car every time charging is required, significantly reducing the amount of time you have to spend on a cold winter day with no electricity. You can easily set climate preference, warming or cooling your vehicle and bringing it to the optimal temperature. It is especially nice for cold environments where you want to get into a warm car quickly without going outside physically. It also makes life easier if you are heading outside in zero-degree temperatures and do not want to walk over to your windowless office space to turn on the heat/AC yourself. Contact Skaha Ford to know more about the feature.