Schedule An Oil Change For Your Ford in Okanagan

May 25,2022

With winter here, we all want to spend time indoors away from the cold. But our vehicles still need TLC to keep them running in optimal condition. If you've been putting off your oil change, don't push it off any longer. Schedule an appointment with our Service Department at Skaha Ford in BC. Cold weather can cause serious wear and tear on your Ford, especially if you don't have the right motor oil running through your vehicle. Synthetic oil is the recommended choice in the wintertime since this oil flows better in cold temperatures compared to conventional. It also does not destabilize during temperature swings or evaporate in high heat once the engine is running. Your Ford's Owner Manual outlines the timing of basic maintenance services, including oil changes, or if your vehicle is equipped with an Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (IOLM), it will alert you when you are due. Either way, don't delay this important service. This can lead to poor fuel economy, expensive repairs or a full engine replacement.   Contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC and inquire about The Works. We'll give your vehicle a full inspection and an oil change to ensure its performance all winter long.  Book an appointment today!