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Wheel Balancing Service in Kelowna

The vibration is persistent – it shakes you to your core as it travels through the driver’s seat and the floorboard. As your hands clutch the steering wheel of your Ford, your knuckles grow whiter with each tremor. Every high-speed adventure leaves you feeling weak in the knees.The time has come for a wheel balancing at Skaha Ford in BC.Wheel balancing is an important automotive service that evenly distributes the weight around the...


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Power Steering Maintenance for Medium-Duty Trucks in Vernon

Power steering maintenance is essential for Ford medium-duty trucks. This system eases parking maneuvers and low-speed driving, which can be challenging in heavy vehicles. Without proper maintenance, power steering components can wear out over time and...


Wiper Blade Winter Maintenance in Hedley

Windshield wipers take a beating in the winter with regular ice build-up, grimy road splatter and frequent swiping against the glass. Over time, the rubber and blades can deteriorate and perform poorly, reducing visibility on BC roads.Ensure your...


Belt and Hose Maintenance for Medium-Duty Trucks in Westbank

With summer far behind us, overheating problems may seem like a thing of the past for medium-duty trucks. But, the reality is that a faulty fan belt or a damaged radiator hose can cause problems in the winter. We see it from time to time when trucks...