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How Can BC Drivers Take Advantage of Their Vehicle's Roof Rack?

SUVs, trucks, and cars with roof racks can accommodate larger items, such as canoes or kayaks, without damaging the top.These systems typically have three components. The towers support the rails, while the mounts attach the main portion to the vehicle. The structure can usually hold between 60 and 75 kg. A roof rack may be more useful than you might think.A capable system can enhance passenger comfort because you can haul bulky items on...


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Check Your Brakes Before BC, Canada's Track Day

On June 17, 45 vehicles will take to the road at Area 27 Motorsports Park. The participants can pre-register for this special Track Day through the host, Skaha Ford. If you are one of those taking part in this unique event, what can you do to prepare...


What Does a Cabin FIlter Do and When Should You Replace It?

Cabin air filters stop contaminants from getting into the interior of a car. Typically, these rectangular components are embedded behind the glove box in the front of a vehicle. Filters are a mixture of paper and cotton materials, and they have...


Have Your Wheels Aligned at Our BC Service Centre Before Track Day

Skaha Ford is partnering with Area 27 Motorsports Park to bring you Track Day. The event will allow drivers to test their vehicles and skills against a challenging 4.83-kilometre race course.Track Day, which is open to a maximum of 45 participants, is...