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Vernon: Receive A Complimentary Strut Inspection Today

It’s an unforgiving ride - with tires vibrating, suspension joints straining, and the entire platform swaying with each turn. Your car is struggling to perform. Let us fix this.Visit our dealership today and request a complementary strut and shock absorber inspection. This service - which is part of our Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo - will help to identify unstable components. We will diagnose vertical and horizontal...


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Vernon: Schedule An Oil Change Today

The summer was spent adventuring - seeking out remote locations and maintaining social distance from behind the wheel. You (safely) explored BC… and now you need to ensure you can continue to do so in the fall.Request an oil change today!Visit us...


Vernon: Take Advantage Of Our 83-Point Service Inspection

With the end of summer comes new challenges - sudden storms, drops in temperature, and that ever-frustrating sheen of road salt. BC will soon trade heat for cold, and our Service Department wishes to ensure your vehicle is ready for the change.Visit...


Vernon: Take Advantage Of Our Tire Changeover Event

Summer has taken a toll on your car - with all of those backroad adventures leaving your tires shredded and your rims misaligned. It’s time, therefore, to upgrade your rideVisit our Service Department to take advantage of the Tire Changeover Event....