Ford Vehicle Service Information In Penticton BC
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2020 ford escape for sale okanagan bcIt’s an unforgiving ride - with tires vibrating, suspension joints straining, and the entire platform swaying with each turn. Your car is struggling to perform. 

Let us fix this.

Visit our dealership today and request a complementary strut and shock absorber inspection. This service - which is part of our Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo - will help to identify unstable components. We will diagnose vertical and horizontal play, assessing how well your suspension performs; and we will deliver maintenance suggestions (as well as OEM parts) if needed. Hurry, though: this offer is only available until September 31st!

Schedule an inspection today and reclaim the road.
2020 ford fusion for sale okanagan bcThe summer was spent adventuring - seeking out remote locations and maintaining social distance from behind the wheel. You (safely) explored BC… and now you need to ensure you can continue to do so in the fall.

Request an oil change today!

Visit us and receive The Works - an exclusive series of vehicle inspections and corrections, allowing your car to optimally perform. Among the options offered is the Motorcraft Premium Oil service. Our technicians will examine liquid levels, identify potential filter concerns, and then provide top-grade support. This will ensure that components remain properly lubricated and an engine can function during those fall activities.

Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.
2020 ford edge for sale vernon bcWith the end of summer comes new challenges - sudden storms, drops in temperature, and that ever-frustrating sheen of road salt. BC will soon trade heat for cold, and our Service Department wishes to ensure your vehicle is ready for the change.

Visit us today to receive The Works - an 83-point inspection process that allows us to meticulously assess, identify, and correct potential problems. We will examine your ride, generating a comprehensive report card that will highlight any concerns; and then our trained technicians will connect you to the services you need (including tire rotations and OEM part installations) to fix them.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Schedule an appointment today and receive The Works.
ford vehicle tire service okanagan bcSummer has taken a toll on your car - with all of those backroad adventures leaving your tires shredded and your rims misaligned. It’s time, therefore, to upgrade your ride

Visit our Service Department to take advantage of the Tire Changeover Event. This promotion - which is being held from now until September 31st - will ensure your vehicle is ready for winter. Let us first inspect your shock absorbers and struts, identifying any potential concerns; and then allow us to deliver seasonal savings:

Tires already mounted on rims? Save $10.00!
Switching tires to different rims? Save $15.00!

We’ll ensure that your ride is road-worthy - without breaking your budget. To learn more schedule an appointment with our team today.
2020 ford mustang for sale okanagan bcDemand comprehensive care for your car. Visit our Service Department today and ask for The Works.

This service package - which is performed by our certified technicians - assures true highway confidence, delivering: tire rotations and pressure monitoring, a full engine inspection, a battery test, filter checks, and more. Our team will meticulously inspect your vehicle, noting any potential issues; and we’ll create custom solutions, accommodating both your schedule and your budget to achieve a road-worthy ride.

Ensure that your car is ready for any adventure. Schedule The Works at our dealership today.

2020 ford ecosport for sale vernon bcCraving dynamic power? In need of precise performance? Skaha Ford urges you to visit our Service Department - where our exclusive promotions will deliver both.

Join us for the final day of our Service Specials - the Complete Vehicle Inspection and the Air Conditioning Check, Evacuation, and Recharge. These offers will optimize your car, promising comprehensive support (as provided by our factory-trained technicians); and they will ensure that any potential concerns are addressed before the winter arrives. Your ride will be ready for every adventure.

Schedule an appointment with our team today to take advantage of these promotions - before it's too late!
2020 ford ecosport for sale vernon bcThe days are getting hotter - but your car no longer proves able to counter them, instead wheezing out a series of problems that leave you sweltering. 

Vernon: are you experiencing any of these common AC filter issues?

Restricted Airflow.
Vent Noises (Including Whistling or Rattling).
Musty Odours.

As contaminants become trapped in your car’s filter, its ability to produce cool temperatures is greatly affected - and this leaves you unable to achieve a comfortable cabin experience. Don’t endure this any longer. Instead take advantage of our Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evacuation, and Recharge promotion to ensure that your ride is ready for the summer.

Schedule an appointment today! Our team will deliver a comprehensive AC evaluation and optimize your travels.
2020 ford edge for sale vernon bcAugust is coming to a close - and that leaves only a few days for Vernon drivers to take advantage of our exclusive Service Specials. Throughout this month we’ve connected our customers to the quality performance they deserve… and we urge those wishing to enhance their vehicles to join us before the summer ends. 

Optimize your ride with help from our Service Department - allowing our factory-certified technicians to perform a Complete Vehicle Inspection ($99.95) or an Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evacuation, and Recharge ($399.95). Each process will help to identify problems, promote quick solutions, and keep your budget intact.

Hurry, though, and schedule an appointment - because both of these promotions end on August 31st! Don’t miss out on those last-minute summer savings.
2020 ford edge for sale penticton bcThe summer won’t last forever - and with the approach of the fall will come a series of storms and cold weather blitzes. These can wreak havoc on your vehicle… especially your windshield wipers.

Is your car ready for the seasonal shift?

Our Service Department recommends that wipers be replaced every six months - or when their structures have been compromised (such as with broken frames, cracked edges, or metal corrosion along the joints). Check your vehicle for signs of wear and, if you find any, visit our team immediately. It’s important to replace damaged blades to ensure that your visibility remains unimpaired; and we will happily provide you with new options. connecting you to quality products and quick results.

Schedule your appointment today!
2020 ford ranger for sale penticton bcHas summer weather left you overwhelmed? Fight back with a blast of cool relief - as provided by your optimized air conditioning system.

Visit our Service Department today and let us deliver seasonal support. From now until August 31st we’re offering an exclusive Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evaluation, and Recharge - with our team identifying potential issues with the refrigeration process and connecting you to the care you need. We will ensure high lubrication levels and clean filter outputs, allowing your car to provide precise climate responses. 

Hurry, though - this promotion won’t last long. Only a few weeks remain to prime your vehicle for those summer adventures. Schedule an appointment today!
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