Ford Vehicle Service Information In Penticton BC
2020 ford explorer for sale penticton bcHot weather demands a cool solution. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for summer by scheduling an Air Conditioning Performance Check today.

Visit our Service Department to take advantage of this exclusive event. Available from now until July 31st, 2020, the Air Conditioning Performance Check ensures optimal seasonal responses. Our team will conduct a series of evaluations, assessing compressor outputs, expansion valve pressure levels, filter effectiveness, and more; and we’ll quickly identify any potential concerns to deliver a custom repair strategy. Allow us to redefine your summer experience.

The Air Conditioning Performance Check is available for $399.95 (refrigerant included if needed). Schedule an appointment today.

ford service repairs near penticton bcSummer travels demand long hours and many kilometres. Ensure you’re ready to face them all by taking advantage of our Complete Vehicle Inspection. This event - which runs from now until July 31st, 2020 - promotes road-worthiness, with our trained technicians meticulously assessing your ride. They’ll perform Ford-certified diagnostics, generating a comprehensive report of fluid levels, tire wear ratios, front-end alignments, and more; and they’ll alert you to any potential concerns. 

Custom repair solutions will then be provided - allowing you to achieve maximum performance this summer. 

The Complete Vehicle Inspection (which is available for $99.95) will ensure your ride can handle every seasonal challenge. Schedule an appointment today!

ford service repairs near penticton bcThe symptoms are as diverse as they are devastating - with a steering wheel vibrating violently, tires squealing against the pavement, and your car pulling constantly to the side (refusing to move in a straight line). It may be time, Penticton, for a front end alignment.

Visit our Service Department today and allow our Ford-trained technicians to examine your vehicle. We’ll inspect both your tires and suspension system, identifying any potential concerns - such an uneven tread wear, a damaged steering column, or compromised rods. We’ll then create a custom alignment solution that will ensure you can quickly (and safely) return to the road.

To learn more about a front end alignment contact our team today.
ford service repairs near me penticton bcPrecision is our promise - with our Service Department technicians trained to diagnose and repair Ford vehicles. We specialize in the Big Blue Oval, with our diagnostic processes tailored for its specific products, technologies, and engine suites; and through this we assure a more seamless repair experience for Penticton drivers. 

Visit us today to receive factory-trained support from our technicians, including: front end alignments, brake adjustments, filter replacements, tire rotations, and more. We’ll ensure that your vehicle is meticulously examined, adhering to the standards set by the Ford brand.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!
ford service repairs near me penticton bcSummer has arrived - and our Service Department is ready to greet it with premium power. Visit our dealership today to receive The Works

This multi-point inspection process - which assures a thorough testing of braking systems, pressure levels, filter outputs, and more - provides Penticton drivers with the confidence they need to conquer every road. Achieve optimal performance with help from our Ford factory-trained technicians; and ensure that your vehicle is primed for travel (we’ll even offer tire rotations to keep your suspension aligned and your ride refined).

Schedule The Works today!