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<a href=""><img src="images/upload/October_2021/Service_Department/2-2022-Ford-Bronco-winter-tires-bc.jpg"alt="A blue Ford Bronco SUV driving through snow on a wintery mountain"/></a>Whether you want to accept it or not, winter is headed to BC. And while you’re digging out toques, boots and warm coats for yourself, you should also consider the needs of your car or truck. This includes purchasing and installing a set of winter tires from Skaha Ford.

The Okanagan region gets its fair share of cold snowy weather, which is why it’s important to equip your vehicle with winter tires. As the temperature drops, this causes summer and all-season tires to lose their traction and control on slick roads, especially when it hits 7 degrees Celsius. This is also the temperature where winter tires kick into performance, thanks to the special rubber compounds that are designed to improve surface grip.

Rather than risk your safety (and those around you) this season, visit our Service Department at Skaha Ford to speak with an advisor. We are currently offering a Winter Performance Package that connects our customers to the best winter tires at competitive prices. We’ll help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving conditions and install them before the snow flies.

Contact us to learn more.
2021 ford f150 for sale kamloops bcTime is running out in Kamloops - with only a few days remaining in our Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo. Hurry to our Service Department before November 30th to take advantage of winter savings.

For those wishing to optimize their rides discounts are available, with this sale offering savings on both already-mounted tires ($10.00) and new rim options ($15.00). This - when paired with a complementary strut and shock absorber inspection - allows Kamloops drivers to choose the perfect wheels for winter… without compromising their budgets.

Schedule an appointment with our team today to discover exclusive savings.
ford tires for sale kamloops bc‘Tis the season for winter tires - and, to ensure that our customers receive the best options for their rides, we’re delivering a Price Match Guarantee to BC.

Visit our Service Department by November 30th to take advantage of the Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo - which has been paired with a price promise. If, within 30 days of their purchases, drivers find OEM items that cost less than what they paid at Skaha Ford, we will match the difference; and this ensures that our customers can achieve both the traction and savings they deserve.

To learn more about this event schedule an appointment with our team today.
2020 ford ecosport for sale kelowna bcControversy surrounds studded tires - with some drivers praising their enhanced traction and others deriding the potential damage they cause. The argument is endless, with both sides claiming victory.

What cannot be debated, however, is the need to swap studded tires for true winter-rated options, with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation noting decisive stoppage differences between them:

Studded Performance (When Compared To Winter Tires)
3.6% Decrease On Wet Surfaces
15.6% Decrease On Snowy Surfaces

The distinction is clear - and this is why we encourage drivers to schedule an appointment with our team today to find the perfect winter wheels. Don't compromise performance this season. Instead trade-in your studded tires.
2020 ford explorer for sale kelowna bcOctober is coming to an end - and this leaves only a few weeks to take advantage of our Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo. Hurry, Kelowna!

Visit our Service Department before November 30th to discover savings. This event - which includes access to quality OEM parts, as well as complimentary shock and strut inspections - proves crucial for winter, ensuring that all BC vehicles are optimized for every seasonal adventure. It also offers value:

Tires already mounted on rims? Receive a $10.00 discount.
Switching tires to different rims? Earn a $15.00 reward.

Join us for this exclusive service event. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.
2020 ford ecosport for sale kelowna bcAn intensive study from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation recently discovered that summer tires simply can’t compare to their winter alternatives. These options - which feature a high lateral stiffness that renders them too inflexible for snow, causing brittleness and eventual breakage - deliver weak traction, requiring an average of 43 metres to come to a full stop on icy roads. 

Winter tires, comparatively, require only 32 metres - a full 22% less. This, our Service Department believes, is too great a number to ignore.

Schedule an appointment with us today to request winter tires and let us trade your summer wheels for something far safer.
2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bcAccording to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, the need for winter tires proves absolute - with Kelowna drivers able to reduce the chance of collision and enhance overall stability while traveling. During a recent study the organization discovered that (when compared to their all-season counterparts) these options promised safety.
Vehicle Equipped With Winter Tires
60 Metre Acceleration: 8 Seconds
50 Metre Deceleration: 18 Metres

Vehicle Equipped With All-Season Tires
60 Metre Acceleration: 11 Seconds
50 Metre Deceleration: 27.1 Metres

Winter tires are the clear winner in this comparison - delivering improved traction. This is why we urge our customers to schedule an appointment with our Service Department before the season changes. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for even the worst weather with help from our technicians. 
2020 ford explorer for sale kelowna bcUpgrade your highway experience, Kelowna. The Tire Changeover and 4-Wheel Alignment Combo continues - delivering the improved traction and seamless performance you need to counter winter weather.

Visit our Service Department today to take advantage of this exclusive event (which lasts from now until November 30th). Our technicians will examine your vehicle - ensuring that the shock absorbers and struts are properly aligned, as well as identifying the best tire options for the season. We’ll connect you to the quality OEM wheels and rims you need, readying your ride for winter. 

Schedule an appointment today!
ford winter tires available kelowna bcWinter is almost here - and with this comes a need for precise grippage. Your vehicle must be ready to face those wet-weather challenges; and tire treads must, therefore, deliver the necessary strength.

Allow our Service Department to help you achieve optimal treads.

To ensure that tires properly perform on the highway, their treads should measure above 2-mm in depth. This promotes superior grippage, as well as optimises sipe functions (thin slits cut across the surface that provide increased traction). To fall below that number will result in ineffective torque distribution on slippery terrains. 

Unsure if your tires measure up? Schedule an appointment with our team today and let us test your treads.
2020 ford edge for sale kelowna bcThe numbers prove troubling - with Consumer Reports noting that approximately half of Canadian drivers believe their all-season tires will suffice for winter. There is no need, they claim, to make a change. It's too great a hassle with too little a reward.

Our Service Department disagrees.

The value of winter tires has been (repeatedly) proven, with their seasonal-specific designs affording them improved grippage in sleet, snow, and slush; and, when comparing responses between vehicles properly equipped with these options and those that weren’t, Consumer Reports found a clear increase in traction performance.

Non-AWD/4WD Models (Cars)
Good Driving Rating
With Winter Tires: 68%
Without Winter Tires: 46%

Non-AWD/4WD Models (SUVs)
Good Driving Rating
With Winter Tires: 70%
Without Winter Tires: 61%

Utilizing winter tires allows drivers to more effectively navigate the season - and that is why visiting our Service Department is essential. Let our team equip your ride with the OEM options it deserves. We will connect you to high-quality brands that have been engineered to withstand Kelowna’s brutal weather, and this will assure superior traction in the snow.

Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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