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<a href=""><img src="images/upload/March_2022/SER-8-2022-Ford-f650-f750-medium-duty-truck-repair-bc.jpg"alt="A black 2022 Ford F-650 driving with a vintage truck on its flat bed"/></a>Exhaust system problems can result in poor acceleration and gas mileage. Noticing these troubles could indicate that your commercial vehicle is overdue for a service visit. At Skaha Ford in BC, we specialize in medium-duty truck maintenance and repairs and can fix your exhaust difficulties to ensure lasting performance and reduce costly downtime.

Exhaust system failure displays itself in a variety of ways:

Rattling Noises: One of the first indications of an issue is a rattling or rumbling noise originating from the truck's rear. A loose muffler will put extra strain on exhaust parts, which can risk getting broken off when driving over bumps or rough roads.

Vibrations: Leaks in the exhaust system can create pulsations often felt in the gas pedal, steering wheel or driver's seat. These vibrations are not only bothersome, but they are a serious safety concern. When a leak occurs, dangerous gases enter the atmosphere, causing the truck to fail emission inspections.

Check Engine Light: An exhaust leak will also cause engine problems and illuminate the check engine light. If your medium-duty truck is also experiencing poor power delivery and weak acceleration, the exhaust system could be failing.

Poor Fuel Efficiency: When an engine does not receive enough oxygen or backed up fumes damage critical components in the fuel system, inadequate gas mileage is a sign of exhaust system issues.

Don't let a poorly functioning exhaust slow your commercial fleet down. Instead, contact Skaha Ford in BC to schedule your F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks in for service today.

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