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2020 ford expedition for sale kelowna bcAccording to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, the need for winter tires proves absolute - with Kelowna drivers able to reduce the chance of collision and enhance overall stability while traveling. During a recent study the organization discovered that (when compared to their all-season counterparts) these options promised safety.
Vehicle Equipped With Winter Tires
60 Metre Acceleration: 8 Seconds
50 Metre Deceleration: 18 Metres

Vehicle Equipped With All-Season Tires
60 Metre Acceleration: 11 Seconds
50 Metre Deceleration: 27.1 Metres

Winter tires are the clear winner in this comparison - delivering improved traction. This is why we urge our customers to schedule an appointment with our Service Department before the season changes. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for even the worst weather with help from our technicians.