Signs That You Need to Check Your Alternator in BC, Canada

May 25,2022

While the battery will start your car, the alternator keeps everything working once the engine is running by turning its mechanical energy into electrical power. Alternators are durable components, and they typically last as long as your vehicle, but they can also have problems that require a visit to a BC auto service centre.  Here are some warning signs to look for. Inconsistent brightness in lights Failing alternators produce an inconsistent voltage, which can lead to headlamps that are too bright, too dim, or flicker on and off. A battery that won't jumpstart Typically, you react to a dead battery by trying to jump your car. In typical circumstances, the engine will eventually start and operate like normal. However, if it dies again or does not respond at all, then the alternator may be the issue. Malfunctioning or slow accessories If you notice electronics in the car not working as they should, such as a delayed response from the power windows or windshield wipers, it usually means the alternator has a problem. If you suspect an issue with the alternator, you should contact our BC service centre to have a professional assess the situation.