Suspension System Maintenance in BC

May 25,2022

With so many components that make up a vehicle, one that is easy to overlook is the suspension system. However, it plays a crucial role in controlling your automobile and providing a more comfortable experience for occupants. There are several parts that make up the suspension. These include the chassis, spring coils, shock absorbers, anti-sway bar, and struts. When any of these elements are worn down, it can cause instability. But how do you maintain these important pieces? First, you should keep your tires inflated properly. Rotate them according to the recommendation in the owner's manual, and get a wheel alignment occasionally. This will keep your tires healthy and allow them to wear down evenly. That's the best way to keep your suspension operating smoothly. If you hear clunking when you drive over a bump, this could indicate that the spring coils are going bad. Bouncing when you travel around a turn could mean that there is fluid damage to the shocks. Finally, an issue with the strut will cause a rattling sound or for one side of the vehicle to sag. Keep an eye out for these warning signs to avoid problems down the road. Need to replace an aspect of your suspension system? Contact Ford Parts BC to find the matching piece!