The 2013 Ford Focus: A Spacious Compact for Under $15,000 in Lower Mainland, BC

May 25,2022

The 2013 Ford Focus sedan is a compact and convenient commuter car. In addition to excellent fuel economy (6.2 L/100 km on the highway), this four-door vehicle has a lot of interior space. Because of this, it is an ideal option for small families or people who often drive multiple passengers. 

First of all, the 2013 Ford Focus sedan offers 374 L of trunk space, while the hatchback provides additional cargo capacity (674 L). 

The sedan stands out when it comes to seat dimensions. The front headroom is 986 mm, while those in the back get to enjoy a height of 965 mm. Passengers also have up to 1,064 mm to stretch out their legs. Finally, the 2013 Ford Focus provides enough width for first and second-row riders to feel comfortable. They get 1,412 mm and 1,364 mm of shoulder room, respectively. 

The 2013 Ford Focus is currently available at our Lower Mainland, BC dealership for under $15,000. Contact us today to discuss availability and schedule a test drive.

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