The 2020 F-350 Promises Superior Operator Control In Penticton

May 25,2022

With diesel performance comes sooty concerns. Ford knows that Penticton drivers may fret over the effects of low-power operations - with their F-350s failing to generate enough heat to burn away excess fuel particles, leaving internal systems compromised and filters clogged. The Operator-Command Regeneration feature will now change this. Ford has fused the 2020 F-350 with an exclusive heating system - allowing the diesel engine to maintain full potency while performing low-power tasks (such as idling or running telematic software). The Regeneration function automatically assesses when exhaust temperatures are no longer high enough to burn away soot. When a concern is noted, a warning is then sent to the driver, urging him to press the activation button. Doing so will provide instant climate control, with degrees raised to normal levels. Through this the Operator-Command Regeneration console can efficiently maintain filter quality - keeping diesel particles from sitting too long in the system and doing potential damage. This helps to provide continuous temperature control and lets the F-350 run smoothly. Take advantage of diesel performance in Penticton. To learn more about the 2020 F-350 and its available Operator-Command Regeneration function contact our team today.