The Importance of a Properly Functioning Anti-Lock Braking System in BC, Canada

May 25,2022

An anti-lock braking system (ABS, for short) is a common safety feature, but what exactly does it do? And why is it important to visit a service centre if you notice an issue?

The ABS automatically pumps the brakes when it senses that the wheels might lock. Completely stationary tires can lead to skidding and loss of control on wet, muddy, or icy surfaces. 

Before ABS became common, new drivers learned to pump the brakes manually. However, the automated system is much more efficient than the human foot. It depresses and releases the pedal up to 20 times per second but only activates when the sensors detect wheel spin. 

To use the ABS in your vehicle, brake normally, but do not pump. You may notice vibrations, and you may hear the sound of the pads repeatedly tapping on the wheel. These are actually signs that the system is working correctly. 

A mechanic can check your anti-lock brakes, pads, and wheels during regularly scheduled maintenance. Contact our BC, Canada service centre to make an appointment.

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