The Other Benefits of Privacy Glass for Penticton Drivers

May 25,2022

Some auto owners opt for privacy glass or tinting for style reasons. However, the option can actually provide several other benefits. Should you consider getting a car with this feature or going to a service centre to inquire about adding a special film to your windows? Here are the benefits you get to enjoy with privacy glass. Window tinting can protect your upholstery. UV light can cause fading for both cloth and leather. Since darkened glass blocks these rays, it increases the longevity of your seat coverings.  Privacy glass can lower the interior temperature of your vehicle. Direct sunlight can transfer heat through windows, but the artificial shade provided by tinting can prevent this and lessen the strain on the air conditioner.  Window tinting can obscure the contents of your vehicle. This means that would-be thieves cannot peer inside and locate a bag or purse they might like to steal.  If you are interested in a vehicle with privacy glass or tinting or if you would like to inquire about applying a special film, contact our dealership or service centre today.