Things to Bring For Comfort to the Next Track Day Event in BC: Part 1

May 25,2022

Set for June 2, 2022, the 3rd Annual Track Day Event in Oliver, BC will be an experience to remember. While some attendees are well-seasoned veterans, first-timers are also welcome. If you have been to this invitational in the past, the following information is a simple reminder. If you have never participated in this type of race, then you may need to take notes on what to bring in order to stay comfortable. First, don't forget your camera. The most popular one for Track Day events is the GoPro since it can be easily attached to a helmet or dashboard. However, your smartphone will work well too if you don't have one of these tiny cams. Another thing you don't want to forget is a foldable chair. It can be a collapsible seat or one you use at the beach. Either will serve their purpose well. In between race sessions, you may want to sit down. Since this event is happening in the summer, moving your own chair into a shaded area is best. You can also bring a portable fan and cooling packs to beat the heat. Contact our team of agents today to learn more about Track Day in BC!