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Have a car, coupe, or crossover but always envisioned yourself in a truck? Now may be the time to make the switch, Vernon residents, and we have a fantastic option in mind for you: the 2019 F-150 XLT. It’s powerful and purposeful in its movement while also supplying driver and passenger alike with comfort and safety.

As you settle into the 2019 F-150 XLT after activating its keyless entry (be sure to stop to admire those shining 17” silver aluminum wheel rims!), it won’t take you long to appreciate the standard front fog lights if you’re dealing with inclement weather conditions. As you zip down the roads of Vernon and Penticton and beyond on your lengthier trips, you and your front passenger will benefit from the lumbar support, too.


Of course, as you may have anticipated, the standout appeal of this machine is its power and performance. As you press down the gas pedal, the truck is wonderfully responsive thanks to its 3.3L six-cylinder engine that creates a healthy 290 HP at 6,500 RPM and 265-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM.

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Ford makes a full range of utterly fantastic, highly capable trucks. However, there’s no denying that in a full lineup of standouts, the 2019 F-150 King Ranch somehow manages to grab a ton of the spotlight. When you consider its powertrain and various amenities, however, this fact becomes far less surprising—it’s simply a heck of a vehicle.

The 2019 F-150 King Ranch wields sensational power as it marches down the roads of Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon. The pickup has a beastly 5.0L V8 engine that creates 395 horses at 5,750 RPM and 400-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 RPM. There’s power to spare here!


This truck is also the beneficiary of luxury appointments. Sure, there are heated seats and mirrors, but there’s so much more. The windshield wipers are rain-sensing, meaning they’ll automatically respond to the amount of falling precipitation to keep you safe. A navigation system is included, helping to always keep you on the fastest route. Also, park assist comes in handy as your journey ends.

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Ford is a master when it comes to putting together an amazing truck. Indeed, the F-150 lineup has been exceptional for years and a true favorite of North American consumers, and the 2019 Lariat continues that grand tradition with power and aplomb to spare.

The Lariat comes with a souped-up engine compared to its XLT and XL brethren. Its 2.7L engine  produces a stunning 325 horses at 5,000 RPM and 400 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,750 RPM. This surprising production is a result of its twin intercooled turbochargers and Ford’s port-fuel and direct-injection (PFDI) system, complete with two injectors per cylinder. It’s seriously impressive!


The 2019 F-150 Lariat is well-outfitted. It comes with heated side mirrors that serve to eliminate icy buildup in wintry conditions, keeping visibility high. There are also heated front seats for your comfort and SiriusXM radio for your entertainment. Plus, the 10-speed automatic transmission makes for a fantastically smooth ride.

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Ford knows trucks and that’s readily apparent when you take in everything this 2019 F-150 XLT has to offer. It’s powerful and ready to perform, yet also delivers a mix of safety and comfort that help make it an extraordinary machine—one that’s as suited for the occasional odd job as it is for daily driving.

As you approach this truck, you’ll notice the gleaming 17” silver aluminum wheels—an upgrade over the lower-trim XL model. Remote keyless entry gets you into the pickup quickly, and as you drive along, you and your front passenger will appreciate the lumbar support. Also, if “pea soup” conditions hit, the front fog driving lights will certainly come in handy.


The 2019 F-150 XLT comes with a 3.3L six-cylinder engine that isn't shy about making an immediate impression. When you press down on the pedal, this machine really moves! In fact, it creates 290 HP at 6,500 RPM and 265-lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM.

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buy a f-150 in pentictonHaven’t yet heard about our “No Charge Diesel” sale? Perhaps we can entice you to take a look with this new 2019 F-150 Platinum. This truck—with only 12km on its odometer—is a refined brute, if you can imagine such a thing, thanks to a potent engine and big-time technology features.

Ford really outdid themselves when they specced out this particular Platinum model. It comes with a sensational sounding B&O audio system, impressive navigation abilities to get you to your destination, and a heated/ventilated driver seat. And the icing on top of this sweet mix of features? Remote vehicle start!

Of course, Ford’s F-150 is about a lot more than just pampering you. This machine’s tech is backed up by sheer brawn as a function of the inclusion of a 3.0L Power Stroke engine under the hood. The six-cylinder struts its stuff through producing 250 HP at 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM. Payload is impressive at up to 1,940 pounds.

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buy a new 2019 ford f-150 in kelownaSometimes, no other vehicle but a truck will do. If you fall into the category of drivers that desire great power and utility as well as sensational comfort/convenience features, you’ll be delighted to know that this 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum now on our lot will cater to you across the board.

This truck pulls no punches with its 3.0L Power Stroke six-cylinder engine. “Power” is in its name, after all, and it’s true to its moniker with a spectacular 250 horses at 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM. Payload is impressive at up to 1,940 pounds.

This 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum absolutely delivers the goods. Bang for your buck is assured thanks to the inclusion of a navigation system and a WiFi hotspot—that’s big-time tech! You’re also receiving power-folding, heated mirrors that make achieving parking in tight spaces and maintaining high visibility a breeze, respectively. Also, the memory-enabled driver’s seat is ventilated and heated.

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buy an f-150 in kelownaWe’re always striving to add wildly intriguing new stock to our lot here in Penticton, and we feel we’ve really hit a home run with this 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum Showroom Edition. Part of our “No Charge Diesel” sale, it combines a delightfully upscale interior with utility features that mean serious business.

This truck sits on a 6" lift and sports chained mud flaps and BDS suspension. When you open the doors, the running boards automatically deploy to greet you. Inside, the driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable and boast a massaging feature. Overhead, the panoramic moonroof is an exceptional boon for when you want to soak in the sun or admire the night sky.

This 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum Showroom Edition delivers the goods when it comes to the powertrain, too. Packed beneath the hood is a 3.0L Power Stroke V6 that creates 250 horses at 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM. As a result, you’ll enjoy a payload of up to 1,940 pounds.

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buy a 2019 f-150 in kelownaWant to enjoy one of the finest examples of the evolution of the modern day truck, Kelowna? You’ve come to the right place. This 2019 F-150 Platinum, now on our Skaha Ford lot, will blow you away with not only its power, but also its myriad of refinements.

This truck is absolutely loaded—of that there can be no argument. As you enter the cabin, you’ll appreciate the ambient lighting, particularly at night. Settling in, you’ll notice the power-adjustable leather driver’s seat with memory functionality and ventilation for hot summer days; additionally, all seats, including those in the rear, offer heating. The pedals, like the driver’s seat, are power adjustable, and there’s a magnificent B&O audio system to listen to as you speed along.

Power is abundant. This F-150 comes with a 3.0L Power Stroke V6 that pushes out 250 horses at 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM. That’s good for a payload of as much as 1,940 pounds.

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buy a ford f-150 diesel in kelownaWe have incredible deals on sensational 2019 F-150 diesel trucks here on our Skaha Ford lot as part of our ‘No Charge Diesel Sale.’ Take this Platinum trim model as an example. It stuns with incredible performance, myriad comfort/convenience features, and the unique benefits of diesel power.

Let’s begin with luxuries and conveniences. This truck may be big and bad but it has a soft side, too. You’ll love the 10-way power driver seat with memory function for recalling your preferred driving position. The front seats are both heated and ventilated, too, to keep you pampered during the winter and summer months, respectively. Of course, more utility-focused conveniences are also in play, including a power-deploying running board and remote release tailgate.

This 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum is just as ferocious on the roads as you’d imagine. It is stocked with a 3.0L Power Stroke V6 that cranks out 250 horses at 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM. The result of all this power is a payload of up to 1,940 pounds.

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buy a ford f-150 near kelownaOur “No Charge Diesel” sale is ongoing, meaning this is absolutely the time to hop into a new F-150. Here at Skaha Ford in Penticton, we now have this 2019 Platinum truck in sparkling white on our lot, and it’s bound to blow you away with its combination of impressive on-road performance and high-tech interior inclusions.

This truck is stocked with a wealth of comfort and convenience features. Remote vehicle start and the memory function on the leather driver’s seat both help you get on your journey quickly. The heated front and rear seats are spectacular in the winter, and summertime relief can be enjoyed by the driver and front passenger thanks to cushion ventilation. Navigation and ambient cabin lighting are nice touches, too, as is the excellent B&O audio system.

This 2019 Ford F-150 Platinum really hits its stride when you mash down the pedal. It comes with a burly 3.0L Power Stroke V6 that pumps out 250 HP @ 3,250 RPM and 440 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,750 RPM.

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