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Prepare For The Ultimate Rally Experience: Join Skaha Ford For An Exclusive Track Day In BC

A tradition of high speeds continues - with Skaha Ford announcing its second annual Track Day. This event (which is scheduled for June 16, 2021) promises to deliver full-throttle excitement to the Lower Mainland, allowing our customers to test their mettle against the sharp turns of Area 27 Motorsports Park.

Follow us to Oliver, BC. There you’ll find Area 27 - a luxury sport complex that offers 4.83 kilometres of pure rally fun. Conquer the sixteen gravity-defying corners; experience 109 metres of elevation changes per lap; and push your car to the limits, with 11 degrees of carousel banking available (courtesy of the infamous Turn 7). This course will impress. 

It will also host our Track Day. This event will allow our customers to experience circuit thrills - as designed by professional race-car drivers. Join us as we take advantage of this one-of-a-kind course. 

Date: June 16, 2021
Time: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Available Guest Spots: 45 
What’s Included: Access to the Area 27 facilities and track, and a luncheon with the Skaha Ford team.

Discover an exciting day of racing - pitting your car against the Area 27 track. 
Important: Before attending this event drivers should have their vehicles properly inspected for track racing (whether at a shop of their choice or at the Skaha Ford Service Department). This process should include a multi-point assessment of tire treading, brake fluid levels, oil fluid levels, wheel alignment, and pad conditions to ensure that the circuit conditions can be met.

Join us for an event like no other. To learn more about Track Day - or to secure one of our limited available spots - contact our team at: [email protected]

Help us continue a high-performance tradition at Area 27.


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