Track Day Event in BC: Flag Meanings and Safety Tips

May 25,2022

The 3rd Annual Track Day Invitational hosted by Skaha Ford is coming up on June 2, 2022. If you plan of hitting the straightaways for the first time, then you may need to familiarize yourself with some safety tips. First, let's explore the various flag colours and what each one means. You will see the following shades on the racetrack: Green: Go or start Blue: Allow a quicker car to pass Yellow: Caution or slow down Black: Return to the pit Red: Stop White: Only one lap remains Checkered: The race is over It's important to understand the meanings of the flags because this is how officials communicate with the drivers. Another key to having a successful - and fun - run is to dress appropriately. You definitely need a helmet. Most professionals prefer one with Snell date codes M2010 or M2015. These are more recent. You should also do some research on racing or hire a private coach beforehand. Finally, you need to eat and stay well hydrated. Make sure to bring easily digestible snack foods and plenty of water. You don't want to get nauseous or dizzy during the event. Do not consume alcohol within 24 hours of the race. To learn more about Track Day, get in touch with our team in BC today!