Vehicles Under $15,000 Available Near Penticton BC
used chrysler 200 for sale kamloops bcElevate the cabin experience while riding in the 2016 200. This Chrysler sedan - which is currently available on our lot for $14,980 - offers the Premium Group to Kamloops, assuring sleek style with each commute.

Luxury trim lines the doors of the 200, greeting riders as they slide inside. The heated steering wheel boasts two-tone leather, while real wood accents define the dash. Bold punches of chrome frame the console and instrument panels; and the bucket seats boast contrast stitching to ensure a sophisticated effect.

To learn more about the Premium Group - or to schedule a test-drive in the 2016 Chrysler 200 - contact us today.
used pontiac solstice for sale kamloops bcBring soft-top style to Kamloops while riding in the 2008 Pontiac Solstice. This sleek two-door platform (which is available for $13,980) will delight on the highway.

The 2008 Solstice embraces vintage lines, blending its high-arched fenders with elongated headlamps. A mesh-style metallic grille anchors the front, while aluminum wheels pair with performance tires for a sporty effect. The crisp white panelling is accentuated by a black convertible top, and punches of red add a striking contrast at the rear.

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used pontiac solstice for sale kamloops bcDiscover rally fun in Kamloops - with the 2008 Solstice delivering a potent four-cylinder experience. This Pontiac convertible (which is currently available on our lot for $13,980) will thrill BC drivers. 

Beneath the hood of the 2008 Solstice growls a 2.4L engine. This aluminum block generates 173 HP (at 5,800 RPMs) and 167 lb.-ft of torque (at 4,500 RPMs); while its five-speed automatic transmission assures nimble handling with every rev. A rear-wheel-drivetrain further impresses, taking advantage of variable valve timing and exclusive EcoTec functionality. 

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2011 hyundai sonata for sale kamloops bcAssure a safe commute with help from the 2011 Sonata. This Hyundai sedan - which is currently available on our lot for $10,980 - fuses every Kamloops commute with superior protection.

Electronic stability control ensures balanced handling, with the 2011 Sonata utilizing both traction technology and brake assist software to improve responses. Adapt to changing weather patterns, courtesy of the fog lamps and rear defroster; and performance tires grip the pavement more efficiently than their summer alternatives. Additionally, an advanced airbag suite (which includes front-side and rear-head inflatables) shields passengers in the wake of a collision.

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Available In Kamloops For Under $15,000: 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid SEL

(Posted on Nov 15, 2020 at 07:59AM by Lee Byard)
used for cmax hybrid for sale kamloops bcDon’t sacrifice style for economy. Instead achieve both with help from the 2015 C-Max Hybrid SEL. This five-door platform (which is currently available on our lot for $13,980) provides a playful design to Kamloops.

Riding on performance tires, the 2015 C-Max boasts a lean profile (measuring 173.6-inches in length and 63.9-inches in height). A slotted grille anchors the front, while the hood features a sculpted shape. Elongated headlamps, metallic accents, and aluminum wheels complete the effect.

The 2015 C-Max will impress in Kamloops. To learn more about this Ford platform contact us today.
used buick verano for sale kamloops bcExperience pure comfort while traveling in the 2017 Verano. This Buick sedan - which is currently available on our lot for $14,980 - offers a superior cabin experience to Kamloops drivers.

Leather seats greet riders as they slip inside the Verano. In the front discover integrated cushion heating functions, while power-adjusters afford a more comfortable alignment. A multi-zone climate system ensures precise temperature control; and the tilting/telescoping steering wheel boasts a warming feature to stave off the BC cold.

To learn more about the 2017 Verano and its upgraded interior contact us today.
2017 buick verano for sale kamloops bcDemand more than style from the sedan segment. Instead expect power - taking advantage of the 2017 Verano and its four-cylinder engine. This Buick model (which is currently available on our lot for $14,980) brings nimble performance to Kamloops.

Achieve smooth acceleration in BC, courtesy of the Verano and its 2.4L DOHC engine. This VVT block delivers 180 HP and 171 lb.-ft of torque; while its six-speed automatic transmission assures deft responses, utilizing an available manual shift function to provide drivers with improved control. Spark-ignition functionality further impresses, bolstering resource distribution to ensure that this Buick platform stays on the road (rather than constantly stopping for fuel breaks).

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2011 Ford Escape XLT: Available In Kamloops For Under $15,000

(Posted on Nov 7, 2020 at 08:11AM by Lee Byard)
used ford escape for sale kamloops bcConvenience now defines all-terrain adventures - with the 2011 Escape XLT offering a driver-focused interior. This Ford SUV (which is currently available on our lot for $10,000) brings ease to Kamloops.

Slip into the 2011 Escape and discover bucket seating, with the driver-side fused with power adjusters to ensure a comfortable alignment. The steering column proves customisable, allowing operators to more efficiently navigate; while audio dials are integrated directly into the side of the wheel to afford easy content control. An auto-dimming rearview further enhances the experience, helping to increase sight-lines and reduce glare.

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Available In Kamloops BC For Under $15,000: 2011 Ford Escape XLT

(Posted on Nov 5, 2020 at 05:37PM by Lee Byard)
used ford escape for sale kamloops bcCraving all-terrain performance in Kamloops? The 2011 Escape XLT - which is currently available on our lot for $10,000 - will prove a dynamic option.

All-season tires ensure that the 2011 Escape can manoeuvre through every trail. A front-wheel-drive assures balanced handling (with its even weight distribution delivering a stable stance); while a six-speed automatic transmission nimbly adjusts to changing terrain grades. The advanced braking system, which includes front discs and rear drums, further impresses - yielding smooth stoppage on the sharpest curves.

To learn more about this Ford SUV contact our team today.

Available In Kamloops BC For Under $15,000: 2010 Cadillac CTS

(Posted on Oct 31, 2020 at 06:46PM by Lee Byard)
used cadillac cts for sale kamloops bcHigh-style has paired with superior safety - with the 2010 CTS offering a dynamic suite of protection technologies. This Cadillac sedan (which is currently available on our lot for $10,980) proves ideal for Kamloops families.

Electronic stability technology bolsters each rev in the CTS, utilizing advanced sensors to assess (and correct) trajectory, yaw, and speed. All-wheel disc brakes are assisted by performance tires to ensure precise declaration, while an auto-dimming rearview delivers improved visibility by reducing highway glare. Also discover a comprehensive airbag suite, which includes front-side and rear-head inflatables.

To learn more about the 2010 Cadillac CTS contact our team today.