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Available In Vernon BC For Under $15,000: 2011 Ford Escape

(Posted on Sep 26, 2020 at 09:30PM by Lee Byard)
used ford escape for sale vernon bcPrepare to Go Further with help from the 2011 Escape. This Ford SUV - which is currently available on our lot for $11,780 - boasts stability control technology, allowing Vernon drivers to smoothly navigate even the toughest terrains.

Mounted strategically across the 2011 Escape are gyroscopic sensors. These continually assess the vehicle’s performance metrics (including steering angle and trajectory) and can instantly identify when a loss of traction has occurred. They will then apply pressure to the brakes, smoothly adjusting speed and creating a balanced ride.

Through this the Escape can better manoeuvre through challenging terrains - and Vernon drivers can achieve adventures with ease. To learn more contact us today.