Understanding Anti-Theft Terminology for Vehicles in BC

May 25,2022

Many modern vehicles now come with anti-theft systems that are designed to keep intruders at bay. At Ford Parts BC, you can find replacement pieces for yours. The first term you may hear about is the alarm. This device transmits an audible signal when unauthorized access to the car is detected. Some are extra sensitive and will go off if you simply bump into the automobile. Another thing you need to know about is the anti-theft code. This is a four- to six-digit number that can return functionality to the audio head unit once it has been disconnected from the battery. Next, you may have heard about the immobilizer. This electronic mechanism works in unison with a key fob. When this piece is not present, the engine will not start. Finally, the last component is the remote control. Responsible for unlocking doors and trunks, it is the most critical element that makes up the system. So are so advanced that you don't need to press any button. Others may also have control over the sunroof and windows. Get in touch with the team of friendly experts at Ford Parts BC today to order security components and other OEM pieces for safety.