Understanding the Warning Lights on Your Ford Vehicle in BC

May 25,2022

If you've ever had a warning light suddenly turn on in your vehicle, then you are already familiar with the slight panic that can follow when you don't know what it means. Luckily, figuring out the issue doesn't have to be difficult. The most common indicator is the Service Engine Light. This is usually a sign that it is time to change the oil or perform routine maintenance. Another is the Check Engine Light. This one typically means that a malfunction is occurring. An OBD2 scanner is needed to figure out what the main issue is. Your local mechanic can help with this. Next, the Brake Warning switches on if the fluid is low or the pads are worn down. It may also be activated whenever you have the parking brake engaged. Please see your owner's manual for more information on it. Other illuminations you need to pay attention to include the following: Coolant - If this light is on, you should pull over immediately. Wait for the car to cool off before removing the radiator cap. ABS - If you're seeing this flashing light, the Anti-Lock Braking System may have a problem. Oil - Blockages and a faulty oil pump can cause the oil levels to decrease. Electrical - This indicates issues with the charging system. In many cases, it is the alternator. Contact Ford Parts BC to find replacements.