What Are Adaptive Headlights: Ford Parts BC

May 25,2022

One of the biggest fears when driving on a remote highway at night is hitting deer as it attempts to cross the road. While some people may think there is nothing to be done about this type of accident, adaptive headlights can help a lot. Instead of projecting a beam in one direction only, this style of lamp will turn as your maneuver the steering wheel. Not only does this illuminate the path through bends and corners, but it can also grant visibility on obstacles that may have been otherwise in the dark. Sometimes referred to as matrix headlights, they almost exclusively come with LED bulbs. Small mirrors are also found inside the housing units that allow the beam to be manipulated in a multitude of ways. Some models may also include adaptive high beams. These bright lights will toggle down to low when another car approaches. Thanks to sensors that are used to detect oncoming traffic, you don't have to worry about blinding another traveller. Do you need new lighting elements for your Ford vehicle? Get in touch with the team of agents at Ford Parts BC to find the right equipment! You can order online in a matter of minutes.