What Are Floor Mats: Ford Parts BC

May 25,2022

Floor mats are designed to shield a vehicle's ground from stains, moisture, and dirt. They can keep the car looking newer and cleaner as well. Adding floor mats is easy and quick. They can be removed within seconds, washed, and replaced. Some may also have fixation points and pre-installed anchors that prevent them from shifting positions. These can come in the form of hooks, clips, or twists. Others may have small spikes on the underside to grip the carpet beneath. Materials used to produce these mats are typically either carpet or rubber. Carpet versions usually come with rubberized backings to keep them from slipping. Meanwhile, the full rubber units are more durable and perfect for people who frequently hit the trails. These are the most popular since they are waterproof and tend to last a lot longer. There are many different classifications for floor mats including all-season, all-weather, luxury, tactical, and more. For Ford models, you can get just about any of these to protect your footwells. Some sets only come with pieces for the front. However, you can get assemblies that contain components for even the largest SUVs. Contact the team of experts at Ford Parts BC to learn more!