What Does Ford’s Side Wind Stabilization Feature Do for Lower Mainland, BC Drivers?

May 25,2022

Side Wind Stabilization ensures safe driving in breezy conditions. This unique active system is standard on the Ford Transit work van, but it also comes on other models. For example, it is a feature on the 2021 Explorer, which is currently available at our dealership with special financing offers.  The Side Wind Stabilization works by monitoring sensors on the suspension, wheels, and exterior body 100 times per second. Most of the detectors are part of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), so these two active safety systems function together seamlessly.    When a crosswind gets detected, the Electronic Stability Control applies appropriate pressure to the brakes on the affected wheel(s), counteracting the force of the gust and keeping the vehicle moving in a straight line. It is powerful enough to help you avoid rollovers during especially strong storms.  To learn more about this and other safety features and discuss special offers on the Ford Explorer, contact our dealership today.