What Is a Radiator: BC Parts Glossary

May 25,2022

With so many moving parts inside a vehicle, a lot of heat is generated every time you turn on the ignition. That’s why the radiator is so important.

As a crucial element of the engine’s cooling system, the radiator helps to eliminate excess heat from the motor. How it works is when coolant travels through the connecting hoses, it absorbs the warmth and transports it into the radiator. Next, thin metal fins release the trapped heat from the coolant to the outside air. It is then recirculated to continue the process.

There are three main components that make up a radiator. The first is the core which is the main section made up of a large metal block with rows known as the aforementioned fins. Next is the pressure cap. It seals the unit and prevents the hot coolant from overflowing or boiling out. Finally, the outlet and inlet tanks are the parts that direct the liquid to the machine after it has finished its cycle. In other words, they hold the coolant when it is extremely hot.

Do you think your vehicle needs a radiator check or replacement pieces? Get in touch with Ford Parts BC to learn more about available OEM options.

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