What Is the Active Pedestrian Protection System: Ford Parts BC

May 25,2022

Over recent years, safety systems inside vehicles have become much more advanced. One of the most highly sought after driving aids these days is the Active Pedestrian Protection System. In short, this is an electronic mechanism that is designed to alert drivers to the presence of people in the street up ahead. With Ford vehicles, this function is paired with a forward collision warning system. Using a series of sensors and front-mounted cameras, it will monitor the road and let you know if an obstacle is in your direct path. It works for pedestrians too. If no evasive action is taken by you to avoid an accident, the component can take control of the emergency brakes. This will bring the automobile to a complete stop before an impact is made. The following terms can be used interchangeably depending on the model: Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking Post-Collision Braking Forward Sensing System All of the elements were created to do essentially the same job - which is to prevent head-on incidents. Perfect for urban areas, it keeps you safe as well as others. Need to add better safety enhancements to your Ford vehicle? Get in touch with the agents at Ford Parts BC to see what's in stock!