When Do You Need a New Battery for Your Vehicle in BC, Canada?

May 25,2022

The battery is an essential part of every vehicle. You cannot start your car or truck without a properly functioning one.  As these components age, they become less reliable. If you want to avoid getting stranded or having to jumpstart your car often, you need to replace the unit before it gets too old. When is the best time to make such as change?  Most batteries last for three to five years. As they reach this age range, you may notice your auto hesitate when starting, corrosion around the connectors, or dimmer-than-normal interior lights.  Also, many vehicles, including Fords, have an icon on the dash that illuminates if the onboard system detects electrical issues. This light is a signal to have a trusted service centre technician test the battery during your next maintenance appointment.  If you need a new battery, you can schedule a visit at our BC service centre. We can let you know if it is actually time for an upgrade and handle the replacement installation for you.