Why Vernon, BC Drivers Should Change Their Engine Air Filter

May 25,2022

The cabin filter ensures that clean, particle-free air enters the vehicle. The motor needs the same quality oxygen to perform at its peak. Therefore, an engine air cleaner is a vitally important component that you need to change regularly. Vernon drivers can get this element checked at Skaha Ford's service centre.   Here is what you need to know about maintaining your engine air filter.  How long do engine air filters last? You need to change them every 25,000 to 50,000 km. The timeframe will vary depending on the model, but there should be a schedule in your owner's manual for this form of maintenance.  Also, if you drive often in off-road conditions or if your area is dusty and dry, changing the filter more frequently can be helpful. A mechanic can check it during your regularly scheduled oil change.  If your engine is not getting enough clean air, you may notice the spark plugs misfiring, acceleration becoming more laboured, and stuttering while idling.  If you experience these issues, contact our service centre today to schedule an appointment.