Wiper Blade Maintenance and Replacements for Medium-Duty Ford Trucks in Oliver

June 7,2022

Wipers are like the air conditioning or heating system on your medium-duty truck. You don't want to wait until you need them to find out that there is a problem. Therefore, regular windshield wiper blade inspections, maintenance and replacements are essential for BC commercial fleets. At Skaha Ford, our team of factory-trained Technicians can help you achieve better visibility in wet or wintery conditions. Since commercial trucks work in any weather and for long hours, it's recommended to replace your blades at least two to three times a year. Other warning signs, like squeaking, streaking, beading on the windshield or splitting rubber and bent frames, are indications that your Ford is overdue for a wiper blade replacement. Using OEM parts is the best way to get the most longevity, but regular maintenance is essential, too. To help extend the life of your wipers, clean the blades once a month with a fresh rag and some windshield washer fluid. In dry seasons, it's also recommended to activate the wipers and washer fluid at least once a week to prevent blades from sticking and causing damage. To learn more, stop into Skaha Ford's Service Department for an inspection today or contact us for more information on our medium-duty truck services.