2017 Ford Expedition is Safe and Secure in BC

May 25,2022

You can have extra confidence and security while driving around BC with this 2017 Ford Expedition EL Limited 4x4. It includes plenty of safety features that are designed to protect you while out on the road—like fog lamps to cut through inky conditions. First, a backup camera is installed, providing you with a clear view of any hazards that may be behind the vehicle, while the automatic headlights will kick in as needed once it gets dark. Plus, for enhanced grip, the traction and stability control systems help create a sure-footed drive. Next, take advantage of the parking aid system for assistance in getting lined up. And finally, smaller riders will benefit from the child safety locks, while the driver-, passenger-, side-, front and rear head airbags help cushion the blow if an impact does occur. Contact Skaha Ford today to learn more information about the 2017 Expedition EL Limited.