2020 Ford Escape SE AWD for Sale in Kamloops, BC, Canada

May 25,2022

Compact crossovers are more fun than ever thanks to Ford's Escape. This segment has always been a blast, what with its nimble cars built for all manner of daily driving, but the Big Blue Oval brand has elevated this class further with its latest generation of models. This crossover is poised on the road and it zips down Kamloops' streets with purpose. It benefits from a feisty three-cylinder engine that will outperform your expectations with its 181 horses and 190-lb.-ft. of torque; further, its eight-speed automatic transmission is familiar and easy-to-operate for drivers of all skill levels. This 2020 Escape SE is feature-rich. It comes with auto-start-stop functionality as well as intelligent access for getting on the go quickly. Tire pressure monitoring keeps you abreast of the health of your wheels, while heated mirrors do their part to improve visibility and keep your passengers safe. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the all-wheel-drive design; you'll be ready for all manner of inclement weather and slippery surfaces.

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