1984 Ford Bronco Base Parts Available in BC

May 25,2022

If you are looking for specific parts for the 1984 Bronco Base, then you are in luck. From the motor to the transmission and everything in-between, you can find the replacements you need at Ford Parts BC. Make: Ford Model: Bronco Power   Engine: 4.9 Litre Straight-6 Transmission: 4-Speed Manual Drivetrain: 4WD Horsepower: 120 hp Torque: 250 lb-ft Output The 1984 Ford Bronco Base is equipped with an OHV 4.9-litre 300 cubic-inch Straight-6 motor. It is naturally aspirated with two valves per cylinder and a carburetor style fuel system that takes gasoline. With a 2,642 mm wheelbase and weight reduction of 170 kg, the fuel economy is better for this model than older versions. Performance The 1984 Ford Bronco Base comes with P215/75R x 15SL wheels and a few off-roading enhancements. The independent twin traction beam suspension and Dana 44 front axle provide a smoother ride experience. With two main doors and another on the rear for access to the cargo compartment, it can carry four people total. Are you looking for specialty components for your 1984 Bronco? You can find a variety of replacement options at Ford Parts BC.