2017 Ford Focus Electric Parts Available in BC

June 7,2022

If you own a 2017 Ford Focus Electric, then may be surprised to learn that it is eligible for all sorts of exterior accessories. From camping to adventures in the snow, this model offers much more than you see on the surface. Make: Ford Model: Focus Electric Power Engine: 107-kWh Electric Motor. Transmission: Single-Speed Automatic. Drivetrain: FWD. Horsepower: 143 hp Torque: 184 lb-ft Performance The 2017 Ford Focus Electric features a fully electric powertrain that is paired with a 33.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It can run on a single charge for 185 km (115-miles), and it has a stellar fuel economy that translates to 1.9 L/100 km (188 mpg) in the city and 2.6 L/100 km (96 mpg) on the highway. Using a 110-volt outlet, you can replenish the battery in 20 hours. A 220-volt outlet will get the job done in 5.5 hours, and a 440-volt outlet will be finished in 0.5 hours. Exterior The 2017 Ford Focus Electric boasts exclusive xenon headlights for superior visibility and LED taillamps. It also offers remote start technology along with keyless entry and a stylish rear spoiler. If you like to hit the slopes for some weekend fun, you can add a Ski/Snowboard Carrier. Mounted to the roof rack, this kit can hold up to 6 skis or 4 snowboards. Contact Ford Parts BC to find everything you need for your 2017 Ford Focus Electric!