2018 Ford Explorer XLT Packed With Technology for BC Drivers

May 25,2022

When it comes to high-tech driving, this 2018 Ford Explorer XLT definitely fits the bill. It comes packed with gadgets and features that make every trip a bit easier in BC. Before you set foot in this SUV, its keyless entry and starter systems have already gotten your Explorer ready to drive, while the heated mirrors stay free of mist and snow in chilly weather. Then once you do sit down, the comfortable power bucket seats with lumbar support are simple to configure according to your exact specifications. Technology is included to assist your driving, too, like traction and stability control systems that prevent skidding and rolling. Meanwhile, this Explorer's trip computer can help you keep track of fuel use, distance travelled, and the amount of time you've been on the road as your head all over BC. Schedule a test drive of this 2018 Explorer XLT today at Skaha Ford.