2020 Ford Edge ST Demo Special Available in Kamloops, BC, Canada

May 25,2022

Today, we're talking big savings. We've slashed $5,500 off this incredible 2020 Edge ST Demo Special, making it more affordable than ever despite the fact it's practically brand new with only  approx. 10,000 miles on its odometer. And what are you getting for your money? Two words: a lot. This 2020 Edge ST Demo Special is packed with a 2.7L GTDI V6 that creates 335 horses and 380-lb.-ft. of torque; it's power you can feel across every one of B.C.'s miles. As you cruise throughout Kamloops and beyond, you'll also benefit from the silky smoothness of the eight-speed automatic transmission. It's a joy to operate every time out. This crossover in its magnetic slate gray exterior paint has a ton going on once you move past its stunning good looks and hop into the cabin. The front seats and steering wheel are heated for those crisp, cold winter days and nights. The smart-charging USB ports keep your phone and tech devices juiced up, and as you whip down the highway, you'll adore the fidelity provided by the B&O audio system. Plus, once the weather warms up, you'll benefit from the glorious panoramic roof. Contact us today to learn more!