2020 Ford F-150 Boasts Enhanced Productivity Tech In Kelowna

May 25,2022

Tiny numbers and miniscule metrics - you squint at a screen, trying to decipher just how well your truck is performing. The task proves impossible, though, with every weak burst of LCD information. You can't read anything. Ford thinks it's time for a change - which is why it's delivering a class-leading productivity experience to Kelowna, courtesy of the 2020 F-150. Slide into the new F-150 and discover an eight-inch productivity screen. This display - which proves the largest of its kind for the light-duty market - is placed strategically between the speedometer and tachometer, allowing drivers to quickly assess data. No longer struggle with awkwardly-paced dashboard mounts that strain your vision and your patience. This option is instead perfectly positioned, affording instant control over key metric information.  Customize the high-resolution screen with press of a button - creating a series of digital lists that can be toggled through. Track distance; gauge fuel efficiency; and even observe towing status, instantly recognizing when a haul requires trailer brake controller intervention or tire pressure support. All information can be colour-coded to the driver's specifications, ensuring that no data is unseen.  The 2020 F-150 enables easy operating in Kelowna. To learn more about this Ford truck and its available 8-inch productivity screen contact us today.