2020 Ford F-150 Brings Curve Control To Kelowna

May 25,2022

Tight turns no longer prove the enemy - with Kelowna operators now able to smoothly adapt to every sudden shift (no matter how heavy their trailers). The 2020 F-150 brings Curve Control technology to the commercial market, ensuring precise performance with each payload. Tame every turn with this exclusive Ford system. Used in tandem with the F-150's AdvanceTrac suite - which promotes superior torque distribution - Curve Control utilizes body-mounted sensors to assess roll rates, acceleration patterns, and the steering wheel angle. These metrics are all calculated up to 100 times per second and, should a sudden issue be detected, a series of actions will take place.   One: Gentle brake pressure is applied to each wheel. Two: Speed is automatically lowered. Three: Torque ratios are decreased.  Through these careful changes Curve Control affords instant stability - allowing the 2020 F-150 to effectively master turns. The truck's acceleration patterns are adjusted to complement the steering angle, and this assures optimal traction. No corner will prove too sharp to handle in BC. Instead the new F-150 will keep drivers (and their payloads) secure. To learn more about this safety feature contact us today - and don't hesitate to request a demonstration with our team!