2020 Ford F-150 Brings MyKey Safety To Kamloops

May 25,2022

Safety is now guaranteed in Kamloops - with the 2020 F-150 delivering MyKey technology to the commercial market. Ford ensures that this light-duty truck will enhance operator responses, maintaining smart mobility functions while traveling through BC.  One truck may host multiple drivers. This is why Ford has paired the new F-150 with a MyKey system - which utilizes digital codes to create unique user settings (including speed restrictions and stereo volume limitations) for every trip. These are tailored for each individual operator and help to promote safe behaviours behind the wheel. More importantly, however, is the MyKey's override function - which ensures that crucial driving tools (such as BLIS, which utilizes sensors to track cross-traffic patterns and assess approaching vehicle speeds; Active Assist, which identifies appropriate parking spaces and automatically adjusts steering column tension, braking output, and acceleration to guide the truck into the correct alignment; and AdvanceTrac, which modifies torque to enhance stability on sudden terrain changes) are always engaged. Users cannot shut-off these functions. Instead they must follow their instructions, applying gyroscopic technology and 3D mapping to each journey. This proves essential for the commercial market - with the 2020 F-150 ensuring that no driver is without the support he needs. To learn more contact us today.