2020 Ford F-150 Brings MyKey Tech To Vernon BC

May 25,2022

It's a series of attention lapses - with your thoughts consumed by stereo dials and smartphone notifications. One momentary distraction blurs into the next, and you don't watch the road. You focus instead on your devices. This, Ford knows, can lead to potential collisions - which is why it's paired the 2020 F-150 with MyKey technology.  The new F-150 delivers more than V8 strength to Kelowna. Instead this platform boasts the available MyKey console - enabling operators to more efficiently focus on payloads. Create a series of digital administrative keys: each that can be customized to restrict specific vehicle functions.    Speed Limits The MyKey system can be configured to control acceleration patterns, delivering pre-set limitations (between 105 kph to 129 kph) and audio warnings (which immediately chime if the driver tries to exceed the restrictions). This reduces the chance of a collision by eliminating reckless speeds. Audio Controls Utilize the MyKey function to lessen overall stereo volume, dropping decibel levels by up to 45%. This helps to minimize distractions while driving, allowing operators to focus on their surroundings instead of the base-line. Smartphone Intervention Take advantage of the MyKey's Do Not Disturb feature - which automatically directs calls to voice-mail and places text messages on hold. This keeps drivers from constantly engaging with their phones, encouraging their hands to instead remain on the wheel.  Through these features the MyKey system affords improved performance in Kelowna. To learn more about this F-150 function contact us today.