2020 Ford F-150 Delivers EcoBoost Efficiency To Okanagan BC

May 25,2022

Performance no longer demands a sacrifice of economy, with the 2020 F-150 promising both. Slide behind the wheel of this light-duty commercial truck and discover the best of all words - courtesy of its available 2.7L EcoBoost engine. Demand more from the pick-up segment. The 2020 F-150 allows Okanagan drivers to achieve peak capability, utilizing its 2.7L engine to maximize both fuel distribution and power-band responses. This compacted graphite iron block delivers up to 325 HP (at 5000 RPMs) and 400 lb.-ft of torque (at 2750 RPMs). Roller finger followers enhance sequencing, while the tight 10.3:1 compression ratio translates to increased performance. The addition of an electronic 10-speed automatic transmission further impresses, ensuring custom gear ratios with each payload. The 2020 F-150 offers more than power, however. It also promises efficiency - with the 2.7L EcoBoost engine achieving 8.9 L/100km in the city. By utilizing both port and direct-injection technologies (along with dual overhead cam timing), this block allows drivers to stay on the road longer. Curious about the 2020 F-150 and its available 2.7L EcoBoost engine? Contact our team today to learn more!