2020 Ford F-150 Delivers Trailer Sway Control To Okanagan BC

May 25,2022

With the introduction of the 2020 F-150 Ford promised class-leading performance - connecting Okanagan drivers to a maximum towing capacity of 5,987-kg. Total payload domination was assured… and, with the inclusion of Trailer Sway Technology, so was everyday ease. Ford has paired the new F-150 with an advanced stabilization function, allowing BC operators to more efficiently manoeuvre their heavy hauls. Trailer Sway Control ensures seamless performance on every road, utilizing gyroscopic sensors to assess the truck's trajectory, pitch, and yaw rates. If a sudden change (such as when rounding a curve) occurs, the console will then notify both the brakes and engine block - alerting them to adjust their outputs accordingly.  Pressure will be applied to the ABS system, and the power-band will be regulated. This will create a steadier acceleration pattern, affording improved traction among the wheels and stabilizing the F-150 as it turns. It will also enhance trailer balance, helping to maintain a more even pitch in the rear. Through this Okanagan drivers can confidently navigate any the roughest roads - certain that their payloads will remain secure.  To learn more about the 2020 F-150 and its Trailer Sway Control feature contact us today.