2020 Ford F-150 Offers Advanced Side-Mirror Functionality To Kelowna BC

May 25,2022

It's a series of potential obstacles - with downtown traffic pairing with too tight corners. Trying to manoeuvre a truck through this rush-hour madness is, you think, impossible.  Ford disagrees - because the 2020 F-150 has been fitted with side-view technology to assure enhanced visibility and improved navigation. Struggle no more, Kelowna. Anchoring the new F-150 are advanced side-view mirrors. These skull-capped lenses have been tailored for city hauls, allowing drivers to more efficiently respond to changing conditions. Integrated heating functions maintain visibility, quickly eliminating condensation; while power-adjusting capabilities afford precise alignments. Turn signals are embedded directly into the glass, utilizing LED lighting to alert approaching drivers of a lane shift (thereby greatly reducing the chance of a sudden collision); and auto-dimming technology reduces glare. Fear the dark no longer in BC. The 2020 F-150 boasts dynamic lighting features - with its side-view mirrors offering available security lamps. These cast wide-angle beams, illuminating the hood, fenders, and surrounding area. Enter and exit the truck with full confidence. With the release of the new F-150 Ford delivers more than power to Kelowna. Instead this light-duty truck yields multi-functioning side-view mirrors - ensuring that drivers can easily navigate every street. To learn more contact us today.