2020 Ford F-150 XL Offers Superior Suspension System To Vernon BC

May 25,2022

It's a familiar strain - with your truck buckling beneath a payload weight, struggling on straightaways and curves alike. This is no smooth ride. Instead it's a series of suspension rattles, and you worry that something is going to (finally) break. Ford suggests upgrading your experience. Slide inside the 2020 F-150 XL and achieve seamless suspension performance. The new XL rests on a fully-boxed steel frame. Anchoring this is an independent front suspension, which utilizes coil springs to achieve optimum articulation; while at the rear are two-stage variable leafs that help to counter friction. Integrated sway control technology assures a smooth experience, intuitively adjusting roll rates and trajectory; and power rack-and-pinion steering allows drivers to connect directly to the system, providing improved responses. These technologies let the 2020 F-150 XL more nimbly manoeuvre through Okanagan's downtown streets and off-road paths alike - especially when combined with AdvanceTrac capability. This features combats changes in pitch, using sensors to detect sudden deviations. Through this precise handling is achieved. Curious about the new F-150 XL and its suspension system? Contact our team today to learn more - and don't hesitate to schedule a test-drive in one of our available Ford models.