BC Drivers: Understanding Fog Lights on Ford Vehicles

Jun 7,2022

Most exterior lighting fixtures - such as the head, tail, and daytime running units - are self-explanatory. However, there may some confusion about what fog lamps are and why you need them. Fog lights are positioned on the face of a car, truck, van, or SUV just below the headlight casings. Typically housing halogen or LED bulbs, they emit beams at a downward angle. While this may seem strange, there is a perfectly good reason for this. The reason fog - or mist - is so dangerous to drivers is because it is like a cloud covering the road and limiting your visibility even with the best headlights. This is because fog does settle on top of the pavement. Instead, it hovers approximately 12 to 18 inches above the street, creating a solid-looking layer that can be deceiving. Since the fog lamps produce rays of light at a downward angle, the beams illuminate the road below the mist instead of getting lost inside of it or bouncing back off of it. This design also prevents the fog lamps from interfering with another driver's visibility within 25-feet. Need to replace the bulbs or the entire fog lamp unit? Contact the agents at Ford Parts BC to begin an online order now!