Ford Medium-Duty Truck Alignment Service in Peachland

Jun 7,2022

Alignment tends to be an afterthought for many commercial fleets – often only coming to mind when a truck operator logs a complaint. However, the alignment system plays a critical role in the safe and comfortable operation of a vehicle. Instead of waiting to diagnose a problem and experiencing unnecessary downtime, bring your medium-duty trucks to Skaha Ford in BC for an alignment inspection. There are three common alignment issues that commercial fleets face: 1. Feathering: This wear pattern is a sign of poor toe alignment where one side of the tire tread is worn and smooth, and the other has a well-defined tread.  2. Camber wear: This wear pattern occurs when the inside or outside of a tire is noticeably more worn than the centerline of the tread. 3. Heel and toe wear: This wear pattern is a sign of under-inflation and lack of tire rotations and is characterized by one side of a tire's tread blocks wearing down faster than the other in a circumferential direction.  All three alignment issues will be noticeable when driving on flat roads. If your truck operators are complaining about feedback or the vehicle is pulling to one side or wandering around the lane at cruising speeds, it's time to book your fleet for an alignment inspection. To learn more about our medium-duty truck services, contact Skaha Ford in Penticton, BC, to speak with an advisor.