Spring Medium-Duty Truck Brake Maintenance in Westbank

June 7,2022

Commercial operators in BC often place more importance on getting their medium-duty trucks prepared for winter. However, it's just as essential to give your Ford TLC in the springtime. Big temperature swings and corrosive road chemicals can take a toll on a vehicle – particularly the braking system. At Skaha Ford, we provide spring medium-duty truck maintenance and repairs for commercial fleets. When the temperature begins to climb, your operators must pay extra attention to the performance of their work vehicle. Winter is tough on brakes, especially with freezing temperatures and the heat from the truck's engine. Freeze-thaw cycles can create trapped moisture and thermal cycling, which can cause metals to expand and contract and plastics to soften and harden, resulting in leaks. Brake stickiness can also occur in the springtime, which is a sign that valve seals or o-rings have degraded from lack of lubrication or exposure to chemicals. Additionally, the antilock braking system can require maintenance after a harsh winter. Wire harnesses can get chipped by gravel or corrode, causing the wires to get wet and short out. Don't let issues brought on by winter slow your fleet this spring. Instead, bring your medium-duty truck to Skaha Ford in BC for a brake inspection today. Contact us to book an appointment.